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Fish Oil and Weight Loss

Will you loss weight by taking fish oil? No, you will not loss weight fast by just taking fish oil alone. Though fish oil burn bad fats in our body, mostly of our fats are outside fats or cellulite fats that mostly contribute our weight. It is significant to focus on your diet that are less in fats and carbohydrates. It is also important in your weight loss plan a toning program or an exercise program. It is fake you hear people saying that by just taking fish oil you can achieve a figure eight body. That is totally false! Perhaps you will loss weight but not the weight that you really want. There are plenty of fish oil benefits and surely your body will benefit from it, that includes a weight loss because fish oil melts those poly unsaturated fats and eliminate them from your system.

By taking fish oil, combined with daily exercise and healthy low-carb diet, you will surely loss weight at a given time.

Why take fish oil?

Why take fish oil? Do I really need fish oil? These are questions that answers a big yes. Since our body accumulates bad fats as we eat fatty foods, specially if we are fan of fast foods like drumstick chicken, chicken’s skin, french fries and triple large burgers.  And if you frequently eats pork adobo or chicharon (a fried pork skin) that gives you tons of cholesterol and put your health in trouble. We need fish oil to balance our cholesterol in our body, so that unsaturated fats will be minimized by the essential fatty acids of omega-3 or fish oil. Imagine a water hose and inside it has clogged waste or algae, the water cannot flow properly. The same thing with our arteries, the blood flow is block if there are bad cholesterol that are clogged to it.

The good thing is that there are fish oils that will help human to prolong their life. Only if you consume it on your daily diet. Don’t say it is expensive to add fish oil on my diet. It’s actually like eating fish on your menu. It is more expensive if you feel chest pain and you want to go to medical clinic for a checkup and then you are given a load of medications. What’s more expensive to be hospitalized than just spending on a few dollars for your daily dose of fish oil or omega-3.

So why take fish oil? Only if you want to stay healthy and want to live your life feeling good.

My recommended fish oil is one of the best in the market because its sources are coming from the great sea in the arctic ocean, free from contaminants. It has been known that Eskimos don’t get heart attack because one of their diet are fish which are rich in fish oil.

How much fish oil should I take?

Why take fish oil? Fish oil has the essential fatty acids that our body needs to prolong life. So we can ask what does fish oil do to our body aside that it has been known to be beneficial to our health, it has many amazing benefits that gives you a healthy heart, good skin, for brain and good blood circulation. So how much fish oil your body needs? I want to make sure I get enough amount of fish oil from the softgel I take.

I’m here to tell you based from my experience but I want to encourage you to go to your medical doctor and seek for advise before taking any omega-3 or fish oil. Too much fish oil could also give side effects to your body so you need to be sure you take just enough your body needs. How much cholesterol per day or how much fish oil per day you need to take depends on the amount of poly unsaturated cholesterol you have. There are lots of fish oil brands in the market today but what supplements should I take? I need to take the best brand of fish oil that are of high quality, coming from sources that are far from contaminants.

These sources are high quality deep sea fishes from the arctic sea. It has been known that these kind of fish provides good health benefits to people living in the arctic region. It means that if we regularly take fish oil, it’s just like eating fish on a platter daily. You can have a slice of fish or like you can have a softgel three times a day. It’s like eating a complete meal with fish as your main menu. So how much fish oil should I take? It’s like how much fish I could consume on my meal.

Are there fish oil side effects?

Why there are side effects in taking fish oil? Well this puzzled me thinking why a potential health supplements can be giving a potential risk to health. Of course there are good and bad to every supplement.

As the saying goes, a little of everything is enough. Or, to much on something is bad enough. So too much taking of fish oil may be bad enough to your health.

So it is advise to consult your family doctor first before taking any medication.

You need to consider the kind of brand of omega-3 or fish oil supplement. A trusted brand will give you confidence about the product. Be sure that the raw components are coming from a trusted and free from contaminants, the kind of fish that are mercury free. You have to make sure that it is of a highest quality fish oil supplements. Don’t be deceived by propaganda about products like shark liver oil. Remember that there are toxins that can be found in the liver of sharks. You should take fish oil, not the shark liver oil.

It is well proven without doubt that benefits of fish oil keeps you away from heart disease and heart attack. It is beneficial for every one, to children, elderly and even to pregnant women. But you need to make sure the amount of dosage and that it doesn’t contradict with your other medications. Remember to consult your doctor first to avoid any health risk of fish oil side effects. You should have no allergies when taking fish oil. It’s like eating fish menu that are rich in omega-3 so you should be excited to take fish oil supplement. But as I said too much on something like  taking high dosage may be bad for your health. Make sure it is the right dosage. A moderate dosage maybe enough, like a 1000mg of Arctic Sea Super Omega-3  supplement a day would suffice your daily need of omega-3.

Some fish oil side effects but not sometimes relevant are nausea, gas and minor allergies. But as for my personal experience in taking fish oil, it does’t give me any problem. It does really help me recover from heartburn and anxiety.

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